🔑Alpha Pass

Unlock a New Level of Nebula Experiences

Our Alpha Pass is a passport to an elevated experience within our vibrant community. With the Alpha Pass, you gain access to special events, unique content, and exciting rewards. Alpha Passes can be staked and the holders are still able to join games and exclusive events. This pass becomes your badge of honor, recording stats and XP with the new Cardano Improvement Protocol CIP-68*. As users accrue XP, they will be able to upgrade their pass for higher tier rewards.

In essence, the Alpha Pass serves as your gateway to a richer Nebula experience.


  1. Merchandise Discounts: Unlock up to a 20% discount on Nebula merch and up to 40% off on project mints, based on your pass level.

  2. Giveaway Entries and Rewards: Gain additional entries for giveaways and exclusive access to special rewards. The more you level up your pass, the more opportunities you have to win amazing prizes.

  3. XP and Staking Multipliers: Maximize your gaming experience by enjoying XP multipliers in Nebula Wars and staking multipliers for our cNFT collection.

  4. Share of Merchandise + game Profits in ADA: As an Alpha Pass holder, you'll receive a share, up to 10% of merch + game profits. Profits are split among all Alpha Pass holders.

  5. Share of NFT Upgrade Costs in $NEBULA: You can earn a share, up to 20%, of the NFT upgrade costs paid back to you in $NEBULA tokens. Together with fellow Alpha Pass holders, you benefit from the collective success of the Nebula NFT ecosystem.

  6. Partner Requirements: Stack multiple Alpha Passes as our ecosystem and marketplace expands to include other Cardano communities. Whether you hold these passes to gain greater rewards or resell them to prospective partner projects, the Alpha Pass is sure to become one of the most valuable cNFT assets within the Nebula ecosystem.

Stay tuned for more exciting benefits and perks as the Nebula project develops, especially as you progress through upgraded pass levels. We are committed to continuously enhancing your Nebula experience and providing you with even more reasons to be a proud Alpha Pass holder.

*Technology - CIP-68

The CIP-68 feature empowers Nebula Alpha Passes. With this new Cardano standard, the Nebula Passes will be able to update metadata and visual appearances. Essential stats such as gaming achievements and perk levels will be updated as you interact.

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