Nebula Whitepaper

last updated 2023 07 11
Nebula is still in development and the whitepaper will be continuously Improved with new assets as the company moves forwards
Nebula’s mission is to accelerate entertainment, education and gamification on the blockchain. Nebula is a web3 community centered around the Space-Time theme on Cardano. Our purpose is to cater to our community's needs in three fundamental ways:
  1. 1.
    Entertainment with Sci-Fi lore that lives and evolves with community input
  2. 2.
    Education in space sciences and blockchain preparedness
  3. 3.
    Gamification via Nebula Gaming™ open to all Cardano projects providing value to community members & partners
We strive to build a self-sustaining ecosystem where the funds are channeled towards the growth, development, and enrichment of the Nebula community. Just as Space-Time exploration unveils the mysteries of the universe, we believe blockchain technology can unveil boundless possibilities of decentralized and equitable innovation. This is where we want to be.
This is our frontier.
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